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06 December, 2017

Bushfire Plan & Preparation Checklist

Summer Heat and Bushfire Threats are upon us, now is an opportune time to not only review your Bushfire Plan but also your Current Insurance.


Some Handy hints below.

What can I do to protect my home and contents from bushfire this season?

  • Prepare and follow the advice of your local fire service. Make sure you have the appropriate insurance cover to avoid severe financial loss in the event your home or contents are destroyed by bushfire
  • Make sure valuable assets are adequately protected and ensure the sum insured matches the value of these assets
  • Now is the time to reassess the value of your home and contents, vehicles and any outbuildings you have on your property, and the level of cover you need to financially protect them.  Contact McCormick Harris to discuss your requirements.


What practical steps can I take to protect my home against bushfire?

  • Ensure your property is fitted with a smoke alarm. Keep the grass, shrubs and trees around your property trimmed and clear your gutters of any dry leaves
  • Keep woodpiles and other flammable materials well away from your home
  • Avoid complacency and develop a bushfire survival plan. Plan how and when you will leave your home in the event it is threatened by a bushfire. Stick to your plan
  • For more practical information on how to prepare and act when your home is threatened by a bushfire, contact the relevant fire services authority in your state or territory



What should I do if my home and contents or other assets are damaged or destroyed by a bushfire?

  • Contact us as soon as possible and we will provide advice and assistance about the claims process
  • Do not be concerned if insurance documents are not readily at hand. We keep records electronically and require only your name and address in order to find a policy you may have with us.


McCormick Harris Insurance Bushfire Checklist 


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