House and Contents Insurance

At McCormick Harris Insurance we know the importance of protecting your home and it’s contents. In many cases, your house is one of your key assets and it is important to know that it is adequately covered in case of damage or loss.

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A big part of our experience is understanding the many different types of definitions and clauses associated with household policy cover, particularly with storm and water damage.

We also recommend you undertake an annual review to ensure your contents are not undervalued, and we can tailor specific insurance cover for jewellery, antiques and other high value items. We can also arrange cover for domestic tools and equipment, performance bicycles, boats, sporting equipment and home office insurance.

As part of our overall house and contents insurance service, we review a range of policies to get the best possible pricing, including policy discounts associated with house, contents and motor vehicle policy covers.

At McCormick Harris we ensure that any insurance claims are assessed quickly and processed efficiently, to minimise delays to repairs to your property.

Tony knows his clients, he’s aware of what’s happening and he has the client’s best interests in the forefront.
McCormick Harris provide very high customer service – I can’t recommend them more highly.

Terry Minton

E + Architecture